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  • PREMIUM INSURANCE CAPS - Your strong nutrient foundation
    PREMIUM INSURANCE CAPS - Your strong nutrient foundation
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    I’ve often referred to Premium Insurance Caps, Hammer Nutrition’s multivitamin/mineral product, as “the most boringly beneficial supplement we make.” The reason for that unique distinction is because it’s not the most glamorous supplement you can take; there’s nothing ultra-cool in the product like there is in, say, Fully Charged or Anti-Fatigue Caps, to name a couple of examples.

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  • Hammer Nutrition's Superior Protein Options
    Hammer Nutrition's Superior Protein Options
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    Many endurance athletes tend to focus on carbohydrate intake and pay little, if any, attention to protein. Part of the reason may be due to the many different types of protein available. It can get confusing! Additionally, very few endurance athletes know how much protein to consume on a daily basis. I’m going to help! Here are my answers to your questions about the type and amount of...

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  • Mito Caps - Super charge your workouts, races, and overall health!
    Mito Caps - Super charge your workouts, races, and overall health!
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    Maintaining the health of your mitochondria, which are your cells' energy-producing "furnaces," is one of the most important things you can do to enhance athletic performance, enjoy better health, and potentially extend your life. One of the most undesirable effects of the aging process is what occurs when the mitochondria age and become dysfunctional.

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  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids - A key link to healthy aging
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids - A key link to healthy aging
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    It’s safe to say that people don’t want to just live longer; they want to enjoy a more vibrant and healthy longevity. The good news is that researchers appear to have uncovered a vital link that may help us to enjoy healthier aging.

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  • Recoverite: Two great options fulfill one vital need
    Recoverite: Two great options fulfill one vital need
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    Even after nearly 20 years under my belt at Hammer Nutrition, I continue to remain convinced that proper recovery after every workout is the most important component of athletic success. You can incorporate the latest and greatest training techniques, put in lots and lots of hours pushing yourself, and incorporate the finest equipment available. However, if you don’t nail your recovery...

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The research was published nearly a year ago, but its message remains unchanged and vitally important to know: High salt diets can have seriously negative effects on a number of areas of brain function, leading to an increased risk of cerebrovascular diseases and dementia.

This particular study was conducted by researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, who used two groups of mice for this study. One group had a diet that was comprised of 4% salt, and the other group’s food content consisted of 8% salt (comparable to a high-salt diet for humans.)

After an 8-week period, the researchers used MRI imaging to photograph and analyze the anatomy and physiology of the mice’s brains. The negative results they found were astounding:

  • A 28% decrease drop in blood flow in the cortex, the part of the brain associated with thinking and processing information from the five senses
  • A 25% blood flow drop in the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for processing emotional responses and long term memory

The mice on the higher-salt diet were shown to have a dramatic decrease in the production of nitric oxide, resulting in impaired blood flow in the brain. This translated to the mice developing dementia, as they performed poorer than the other mice on tests such as object recognition and navigating through a maze.

Interestingly, this decline occurred in the high-salt diet mice regardless of blood pressure. Lead researcher, Dr. Costantino Iadecola, states: “We discovered that mice fed a high-salt diet developed dementia even when blood pressure did not rise. This was surprising since, in humans, the deleterious effects of salt on cognition were attributed to hypertension.”

What Dr. Iadecola and colleagues discovered was the high-salt diet increased levels of a protein known as interleukin 17 (IL-17), whose job is to regulate immune and inflammatory responses. However, when levels of IL-17 are too high, that can decrease the production of nitric oxide, which affects brain functions. It should be noted that by discontinuing the high-salt diets and administering IL-17-lowering drugs, Dr. Iadecola was able to reverse this negative process in the mice.

Based on this study, it’s clear that excess salt leads to levels of IL-17 that are too high, which can disrupt and even destroy many functions of the brain. Just as alarmingly, if not more so, elevated IL-17 levels are also associated with many other inflammatory diseases such as asthma, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 90% of children and 89% of adults in the US—irrespective of age, race, gender or having high blood pressure—consume more than the recommended limit of 2,300 mg a day for sodium.

A massive amount of research shows that excess sodium (salt) is not beneficial for exercise performance and, even more importantly, is harmful for health. To perform at your best athletically, and to help stave off the detrimental health effects of too much sodium, the answer is abundantly clear: Cut back on your salt intake!

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