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  • Because supplementation is a necessity
    Because supplementation is a necessity
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    It sure would be great if we could get all the nutrients we need for enhancing our athletic performance—and, more importantly, for enjoying optimal health—from our diet. It would make things much simpler! Unfortunately, in today's increasingly toxic and polluted world, the nutrient density and overall quality of the food we eat continues to decline.

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  • Recoverite
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    Take this concept to heart: "When you're done with your workout, you're not really done... not until you take care of replenishing your body with fuel." So, starting today, when you finish a workout, before you begin your stretching (or other post-exercise recovery ritual), get in the shower, or lie down for a while, "refill the tank" with Recoverite or Organic Vegan Recoverite right away....

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  • Start now. Stay for life
    Start now. Stay for life
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    In December of 1990—29 years ago—I bought my first bottle of Race Caps Supreme, known back then as simply Race Caps. And I can honestly say that in all the time since that first purchase, I have rarely had a day when I missed a serving. That’s because I did a tremendous amount of independent research on its components and realized, “Hey, this stuff’s not just for enhancing athletic performance...

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  • Premium Protein Powder
    Premium Protein Powder
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    Walk into the protein powder section of a health food store, and you will find a dizzying array of products. Many feature gargantuan-size bodybuilders on the label, along with some pretty outrageous claims (“pile on slabs of muscle!”). No wonder athletes are confused. Too many choices and dubious claims!

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  • The Hammer Nutrition Daily Essentials
    The Hammer Nutrition Daily Essentials
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    At Hammer Nutrition, we’re all for eating healthy, but we know it's not enough, and so should you! As an athlete, you place enormous physiological demands on your body. This means that your nutrient requirements—just to maintain health—are much greater than the average person’s, especially in today's more toxic, polluted, and stressful world.

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The Hammer Nutrition Daily Essentials

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By Steve Born

However, the goal isn't just to maintain health at a minimally acceptable standard; it's to achieve supreme health. In addition, you want to get the absolute most out of your body so that it can do what you want it to in your workouts and races, while you achieve greater success in the process.

That's where an intelligent, high-quality supplement program comes in; it plays an undeniably vital role in helping you achieve optimal athletic performance and overall health. Hammer Nutrition's Daily Essentials supplements—Premium Insurance Caps, Race Caps Supreme, Mito Caps, and EndurOmega —provide the widest range of benefits for both athletic performance and overall health purposes. They are the cornerstone of the Hammer Nutrition product line, and they should be the foundation of your supplement program. Take them every single day, whether training or not, and enjoy the tremendous benefits they provide.

What The Daily Essentials Do For You

Replenish vitamins and minerals, which athletes and active people deplete in greater amounts than sedentary people, to optimize overall health

- Support entire-body health by supplying a wide range of antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals and the cellular destruction they cause

- Provide key substrates to maximize efficient and consistent production of energy

- Optimize mitochondrial health, an absolute necessity for enhancing athletic performance and overall health

- Supply the body with the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are closely involved in numerous areas of human health


Premium Insurance Caps

Unlike many multis that contain inadequate Daily Value (DV) or Reference Daily Intake (RDI) amounts of nutrients (which are only the minimum standards for preventing nutrient-deficiency diseases), Premium Insurance Caps is formulated with Optimum Daily Intake (ODI) amounts of the highest quality vitamins and minerals. This supplies your body with the higher quantities of nutrients it needs for optimal health. Also included in the formula is an impressive array of complementary nutrients and digestive enzymes.

More about Premium Insurance Caps

Race Caps Supreme

The combination of nutrients in Hammer Nutrition’s premier product works synergistically to provide you with a plethora of dynamic athletic and general health benefits, unmatched by any other athlete-specific supplement. Everyone will benefit greatly from the consistent use of Race Caps Supreme, and it's an absolute essential for athletes.

More about Race Caps Supreme

Mito Caps

The Mito Caps formula is based on the eye-opening studies of Dr. Bruce Ames regarding mitochondrial functioning, aging, deterioration, and regeneration. The importance of maintaining optimal functioning of the mitochondria is eloquently stated by Dr. Bill Misner: “The longer you can stimulate the lifespan or health of the mitochondria, the longer you may potentially live and the better you will perform in endurance events. The athlete who has the most healthy/efficient active mitochondria is the athlete who performs at their best."

More about Mito Caps


The premium-quality fish oil contained in EndurOmega supplies the body with the essential fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both of which are vitally important for numerous aspects of athletic performance and overall health. These EFAs are required for life itself, in fact, so it’s no wonder they’re designated as “essential”! Supplementation is the easiest, most efficient way to ensure you’re receiving adequate amounts of EPA and DHA.

More about EndurOmega


The combination of the Hammer Nutrition Daily Essentials provides a tremendously wide range of benefits that support optimal athletic performance and overall health, a range that no other supplement combination can come close to matching. Available in money-saving kits, Premium Insurance Caps, Race Caps Supreme, Mito Caps, and EndurOmega are products that everyone, athlete and non-athlete alike, will benefit from. They should be the foundation of every daily supplement program, including yours!

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