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    We're nearly two full months into the new year. Before you know it, training volume and intensity will be ramping up in preparation for the first of our key events and the season ahead. Even though you may not be engaged in double-digit hours of training yet—that may not happen for a few more weeks—now is the ideal time (if you haven’t been doing this already) to get your body's joints,...

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  • Because supplementation is a necessity
    Because supplementation is a necessity
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    It sure would be great if we could get all the nutrients we need for enhancing our athletic performance—and, more importantly, for enjoying optimal health—from our diet. It would make things much simpler! Unfortunately, in today's increasingly toxic and polluted world, the nutrient density and overall quality of the food we eat continues to decline.

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  • Recoverite
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    Take this concept to heart: "When you're done with your workout, you're not really done... not until you take care of replenishing your body with fuel." So, starting today, when you finish a workout, before you begin your stretching (or other post-exercise recovery ritual), get in the shower, or lie down for a while, "refill the tank" with Recoverite or Organic Vegan Recoverite right away....

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  • Start now. Stay for life
    Start now. Stay for life
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    In December of 1990—29 years ago—I bought my first bottle of Race Caps Supreme, known back then as simply Race Caps. And I can honestly say that in all the time since that first purchase, I have rarely had a day when I missed a serving. That’s because I did a tremendous amount of independent research on its components and realized, “Hey, this stuff’s not just for enhancing athletic performance...

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  • Premium Protein Powder
    Premium Protein Powder
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    Walk into the protein powder section of a health food store, and you will find a dizzying array of products. Many feature gargantuan-size bodybuilders on the label, along with some pretty outrageous claims (“pile on slabs of muscle!”). No wonder athletes are confused. Too many choices and dubious claims!

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